Update 16.7.2017

  • New sound for successful blows(not backstab)
  • Proper implement for some notifications in damages
  • Fixed player res wrong order
  • Missing checks in KnownListUpdatesTaskManager
  • Rework weight calculations
  • Fixed night boss not removed from world properly
  • Rework calcDamageReflected
  • New Script support if player cancel his profession
  • Change some values from int to double for more retail like implementation
  • Fixed debuffs-buffs land on dead players-mobs
  • Missing packet for weight calculation
  • Rework target system, must calculate again targets on spell finish and few more that i might miss
  • Rework some skill values to be more retail like
  • Rework crystal cavern instance add some missing messages
  • Correct some spawns
  • More retail like some quests
  • Fixed possible null pointer
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